The film that steps into the shoes of a models life

Somewhere in the world right now a little girl or boy is thinking and dreaming of one day being a professional model, travelling the world, seeing their face on magazines, billboards, catwalks and being on TV. The model life is perceived by many as one of the best jobs in the world, filled with sparkling lights, cameras, glitz, glamour, and living the good life, but is it really? It might sound cliche but I’ve always heard people say from the outside it looks pretty,  but you only really know what that journey is like when you put yourself in their shoes, which is absolutely true.

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So to eradicate misconceptions and open up the world of what its like to be a fashion model, South African television producer and personality Nicky Greenwall decided to create the documentary series, The Beautiful People. The 10 part series by Greenwall Productions follows the lives of five international fashion models who travel to Cape Town for a Summer season, depicting the reality of  finding work, booking jobs and what it means to sell your looks for money.  So to not elaborate any further, take a look at the official trailer below…

The Beautiful People Trailer

For more information on The Beautiful People click HERE 

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