Baltimore’s Little Lungs latest EP release

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Its a funny thing to say, but how many artists are there that exist waiting to be discovered and don’t get the marketing they deserve, when personally I feel that some of the best music out there doesn’t get play listed on mainstream radio. So after following a thread online, I found myself stumbling upon a band by the name of  Little Lungs from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and decided to give them a listen. I must admit the riffs I heard caught my attention and led to me listening to the entire EP, in this case being Get Your Kicks and Go released in January 2019.

Little Lungs – Chicago (Live)

The indie pop groove rock n roll band comprised of four members  Leena Rhodes (vocals+guitar), Ethan Salem (guitar), Jordan Mercer (bass) and Erik Schwarzenberg (drums+backing vocals)  are an independent band with a discography that spans across five albums. You’ll be pleased to know that their latest offering ‘Get your kicks and go’ you can download FREE,  so I’ll let you be the judge of their latest EP which can be found below…

Listen to the Little Lungs EP  ‘Get your kicks and Go’

For more on Little Lungs, check them out on the platforms below:

What do you think of Little Lungs?

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