J’Von’s new album

J'Von, Hip Hip artist, Cult Report, Rap, Dream Surfer,

Seattle, Washington rapper J’Von recently released his new album titled ‘Dream Surfer’ on the 15 March 2019, a follow up to the ear candy of his Orange suit EP in July 2018.  Expecting another EP, J’Von decided to surprise us with a 12 track album along with this time around, producing all the tracks on the album. After listening to the album and speaking to J’Von, I picked up a few interesting changes on this offering, based on his choice to mix it up and experiment with a new style on some tracks, different to what we have become accustomed to. My favorite tracks on the album were, Ur Not Around Anymore, Loverboy Castle Music part 1 and part2, Red Beanie and Thundersurfer. The album is available on all major platforms, so give it a listen and support this super talented creative from Seattle.

Listen to Loverboy Castle Music ( Dream Surfer album) 2019

Get J’Von’s new album ‘Dream Surfer’ HERE

Listen to J’Von – Orange Beanie (Orange suit EP) 2018

For more music from J’Von click HERE

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