The “Wonders Of A Cole World” mixtape

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Atlanta Georgia’s Altered Crates and DJ Tiger are back at it again with the release of their “Wonders Of A Cole World” mixtape, 21 May 2019. The new mixtape is perfectly blended by DJ Tiger, combining unreleased J. Cole vocals with 9th Wonder’s instrumentals, being the first ever J. Cole remix project. I decided to listen to the album and to be honest I didn’t skip a track , because you would think wow, is this really a mashup? The combination is just so fitting and the instrumental selection to lyric choice, just compliments that boombap signature 9th Wonder sound. So the good news to all you hip hop fiends, you can download the mashup album FREE!! Listen to and download “Wonders Of A Cole World” below…

Listen to the “Wonders Of A Cole World” album

Listen to more mashup’s by Altered Crates here

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