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When thinking of China, the common things that come to mind would be The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Feng Shui, and traditional melodic sounds of a Guzheng or Guqin, surely not a dance/electronic genre on the global stage. Well think again, Beijing singer, songwriter and music producer Fifi Rong definitely goes against the grain, of what would be the conventional sound you would expect from a Chinese artist. With subtle influences of her Asian roots, Fifi is changing that perception and making a big impression on the underground London electronic music scene where she is based. Constantly experimenting with musical genres of ambient electronic, future garage, chill step and future wave, I felt it was my duty to confiscate your pillow and wake you up to Fifi Rong. In terms of new, Fifi released a new music video for the song titled Upstream from ‘The Crown EP‘ 26 May 2019, which you can check out below…

Watch Fifi Rong’s new music video Upstream (The Crown EP)

Cult Report recently featured Fifi’s music video release for her collaboration with Guess Disco and now I’m out here talking about her new music video titled Upstream from The Crown EP released in August 2018. So I decided to listen to The Crown EP welcomed by the opening track The Crown, and immediately I was hooked, next thing I knew the EP was over. The Crown EP in collaboration with Berlin artist LO was just in my opinion a solid future bass electronic offering with punchy bass lines, dreamy vocals and smooth electro pop chill step vibes. I wanted to find out more about her new music video Upstream so I connected with Fifi Rong  for a little interview, which can be found below…

Fifi Rong x Lo – The Crown (The Crown EP)

Fifi Rong x LO – Hunger Game (The Crown EP)

How long did it take to shoot the ‘Upstream’ music video?
Less than one day in Wales. I was obsessed with looking for a waterfall. 

Were there any funny on set moments while shooting the video?
It was very very cold in Welsh country side where the waterfalls are. I was in costume all day and it was raining increasingly heavily. We were all soaked inside out plus all our bags soon after we arrived at the location. I was sitting and walking in the shallow bit of the water too. And the water got into my boots from the morning onwards. The camera broke due to the water half way through the shoot as well when we were standing in front of the bigger waterfall on the second location. It was a video full of obstacles, prior and during the shoot. It’s fun to think back of it as i have a story to tell.

Fifi Rong x LO – Foreign (The Crown EP)

I really liked the music videos for Hunger Game, Foreign and The Crown, do you get involved when it comes to the creative direction of your videos?
Yes, all the time. Initial vision is often mine, and I have the story line in my head formed early on as I write those stories in my songs. Sometimes the visual doesn’t translate exactly what I want, due to many limitations (including situations where the camera broke on set) but I just have to do the best I can with what I have got.

Listen to Fifi Rong’s The Crown EP below

For more music by Fifi Rong click here

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