Butcher The Bar’s new album release

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Manchester based alternative/indie band ‘Butcher The Bar’ recently released their new album titled ‘III’ on the 14 June 2019, through Madrid, Spain independent pop label Bobo Integral. Their earlier music saw Joel Nicholson, the core of the band, take their sound around the UK and Europe as a duo or solo act, releasing two records via Berlin based indie label Morr Music, ‘Sleep At Your Own Speed’ (2008) and ‘For Each A Future Tethered’ (2011). What started out as a bedroom pop project by Joel Nicholson, took some time to eventually morph into a fully fledged 5 piece band, before creating their third LP ‘III’. The first song I heard by ‘Butcher The Bar‘ titled ‘Haunts’ (‘III’ album), was such a feel good song, depicting a person who learns how to skateboard for the very first time, with a nostalgic laid back easy sound accompanied by smooth vocals.  The new album ‘III’ written and recorded between 2013 – 2015, is the first Butcher The Bar album to feature a full band, I guess its safe to say, good things take time.

Watch Butcher The Bar – Haunts (Official Music Video)

Joel had this to say about the new album;
A lot has happened since we made this record but having recently spent time putting it together, and going back through the songs and album as a whole, we’re finally ready to offer it up. They’re the best songs we’ve done, and just want people to hear ”

Listen to Butcher The Bar’s new album ‘III’ below

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