Watch: How much does your outfit cost? featuring Drake

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Have you ever looked at a person and wondered how much there outfit aka ‘flex’, ‘drip’ or ‘swag’ cost? Well I have on numerous occasions, even to the extent that I’ve approached a person, complimenting them on the item and asking them where they purchased it. Now everybody wont be daring to do so, but I do sometimes wonder how much that specific item cost and in my personal opinion, you don’t have to buy expensive to look expensive!

So that being said, while browsing the web I came across a UK fashion blogger/vlogger ICYKOF, with a YouTube channel called  The Unknown Vlogs, focusing on streetwear and the price of peoples clothes they are wearing called How Much Is Your Outfit? His channel created such a buzz online, that he even had Canadian rapper Drake on a special  episode of How Much Is Your Outfit?  So check out a few of the episodes, which explore streetwear costs by locals in various countries below…

Watch The Unkown Vlogs ‘How Much Is Your Outfit?’ featuring Drake

Watch ‘How Much Is Your Outfit?’ South Africa Shutdown

Watch ‘How Much Is Your Outfit?’ Switzerland

Watch ‘How Much Is Your Outfit?’ Amsterdam

Keep up with new episodes by The Unknown Vlogs here

After seeing these episodes, its hard to imagine that people spent so much money, and some of these outfits don’t even look good . What are your thoughts after seeing this?

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