Watch: Bernelie’s new music video drop speaks of loving yourself

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Cape Town singer songwriter and musician Bernelie just dropped her latest music video for the song titled ‘YIN’. I actually found this talented artist while browsing Instagram and saw her doing a beautiful rendition of David Neue’s song, ‘Greensleeves’. After browsing her Instagram page, I discovered she had a new music video for her latest release ‘YIN’.

The new video by Bernelie explores as she says, “body standards, our relationships with food, loving and taking care of yourself. This is for everyone that have had issues with accepting and loving themselves in a society that tells us otherwise.”

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The sound on her latest offering has a very dreamy ambient chillstep vibe to it, with an electronic bass line that accompanies her soothing voice. So check out the music video below…

Watch Bernelie’s new music video YIN

I caught up with Bernelie to find out what inspired the song ‘YIN’ and had the following to say:
“I made this video because someone called me fat and I have had some crazy remarks like “Your mouth is too big” “You’re too skinny.” or “you’re getting so big” over the years so I decided to make this video to show that my weight or appearance does not need to be a hot topic of discussion. We attach too much value to our appearances.”

Get her new single YIN on the platforms below

In my personal opinion, I feel her sound opens the door for collaborations with producers from house and electronic dance music genres, based on her vocal quality.  So producers, get in touch with Bernelie!

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