Watch: NOSOYO release new music video

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Berlin based alternative pop rock duo NOSOYO have just released their new music video Glitter, the follow up to their single Highness! The new offering speaks of a person that had let themselves and beliefs go, compromised in relationships where you can’t be yourself! Check out the new music video for NOSOYO’s  ‘Glitter‘ below…

Watch NOSOYO’s new music video ‘Glitter’

I caught up with NOSOYO  for an interview on their latest offering and new developments, which can be found below…

What inspired the new song?
This song goes out to everyone who is tired of attracting negative people and old fears that keep us small. It is for those who are ready to break free and say ‘Go kiss my glitter!’ It is for those who want to feel empowered, have fun, dance and celebrate life. It is for those who need encouragement to speak up and stand up for their rights!

What is the meaning behind Glitter and what made you decide to name the song Glitter?
Glitter stands symbolically for any variable of an individual: Nationality, sex, personality, feelings, money, style. Any possible characteristics can be lived and expressed with love and pride – the world could be a better place if each of us celebrated their ‘flaws’.

Are the songs Highness and Glitter going to be singles based on a new album?
“Yes, and the whole record will be mainly focussing on these subjects: Self-value, speaking up, honesty. The album title is ‚Loud & Shameless‘ and it will be released on the 6th of March 2020.”

I found it interesting that your music is done in English, what made you decide to go with an English appeal?
We have always written in English as we started making music in Amsterdam and then moved to Berlin. We have also toured France, Switzerland and Italy, so it always made sense to us to sing in English.

What can fans expect next from NOSOYO?
Well we are definitely looking forward to presenting our album in March, we will release a lot of songs on the way there! So danceable and poppy like ‚Glitter‘, some more indie/alternative (where we actually come from). 
Also we are PSYCHED to go on tour this November through Germany, Switzerland and Austria! Good times ahead 🙂” 

Get NOSOYO’s new single ‘Glitter‘ on the platforms below

Check out our feature on NOSOYO’s  ‘HIGHNESS’ here

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