Watch Guru’s son rap in Gang Starr’s latest music video

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Gang Starr’s One of The Best Yet, must have probably been one of the most anticipated album drops of 2019, leaving all Guru and DJ Premier fans counting down the clock to hear new material. So to celebrate the legacy of one of hip-hop’s most iconic acts, the Brooklyn, New York hip-hop group released a new music video titled ‘Bad Name’ from their new album November 8, 2019, and features Guru’s son Keith Casim “KC” Elam playing the role of his father. So check  out the video below…

Watch Gang Starr’s – Bad Name (Official Music Video)

Listen to Gang Starr’s remix of ‘Bad Name’ featuring Redman and Method Man released 30 January 2020 below…

Gang Starr – Bad Name (remix) ft Redman and Method Man

Listen to Gang Starr’s new album here

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