Listen: Clear Soul Forces release new single

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Detroit hip-hop group Clear Soul Forces (CSF) recently released their new single ‘Chip$’, as a teaser in the build up to their fifth and final album as a group. The group that brought us classic head nodding hip hop accompanied by slick wordplay, Anime references and a style that made you say “who said hip-hop was dead?”  , announced that their final album ‘ForcesWithYou’ will be released March 13, 2020.

I remember seeing CSF’s tweet on Twitter:
“This last album really for the fans. The journey isn’t over though. The new direction is dope.”
And I tweeted back saying
Is this the curtain call…? This makes some of us think that the CSF we know is going to sound like every trap song out now
CSF responded with “What gave you that idea. That will never happen dawg…

Despite not being excited about the news, I was still happy to hear that the groups style so many loved would sound the same on the new album. I know this may be the swan song for CSF music and seeing the group move forward together, but there are still many reasons to be excited about, with regard to the future for these 4 super talented artists.

Listen to Clear Soul Forces new single ‘Chip$’ 

Get Clear Soul Forces new single Chip$ on the platforms below
Google Play Music

Keep a look out for Clear Soul Forces new album ‘ForcesWithYou’ dropping March 13, 2020.

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