Listen: Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces release new album

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Detroit hip-hop group Clear Soul Forces (CSF) just released their new album ‘ForcesWith You March 13, 2020, the groups fifth and final album. It can be hard for many to believe that this day would come from the group that brought us quality head nodding hip hop and a style that made you say “who said hip-hop was dead?”.

The new 10 track album will be CSF’s swan song in a discography filled with banger’s fused with classic hip hop influences.

Clear Soul Forces member Noveliss posted via social media his thoughts on the groups final album :

“This Friday my group @clearsoulforces is dropping, what, as of right now will be our final album. I haven’t said much about it, it’s taken me a long time to figure out exactly how I feel and honestly I still don’t know. It’s been an incredible journey of traveling all over the world and making a genuine impact on Hip Hop. Some call us legends. Regardless of what happens, I know the 4 of us can sit back and admire what Clear Soul Forces gave to the universe and be proud of it. Years of sacrifice and literal blood, sweat and tears. Thank you to everyone who ever listened, told someone else to listen, came to a show, booked us for a show, bought an album, waited hours for an autograph, and anything else positive. I appreciate you. We’ve had our lows but we have had some incredible highs and perhaps most importantly, we did it OUR way. Go get our album #FORCESWITHYOU when it drops on 3/13/20 ♥️🙏🏾🌍”

Listen to Clear Soul Forces ‘ForcesWithYou’ Album

Get the new album on the platforms below
Google Play Music
Apple Music

So to say farewell in style, thank you for the memorable musical journey you took us on.

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