Concept Of Thought, Brighton’s hip hop act making a buzz

Awfer & Illiterate of Concept Of Thought

I would probably be the first person  to advocate in a debate of ‘the best music plays on radio’ that in my opinion the best doesn’t always play on mainstream radio. However, with the power of technology artists have become more empowered in getting their music out to the masses via social network platforms, blogs, podcasts and more…

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Concept Of Thought and Daisy Drage

So on that note, while casually browsing my Instagram (IG) news feed I came across an ad promoting a Brighton UK (United Kingdom) hip hop act Concept Of Thought’s music video and ‘dammmm’ this song was ‘FIRE’! The featured track by the Yogocop records outfit composed of rappers Awfer & Illiterate promoted their latest EP ‘Misty Blue’ produced by veteran beat-smith Joe Corfield featuring the soulful vocals of Daisy Drage and in terms of the collaboration, the fit seemed effortless. The song left such an impression on me that I had to ask myself “why don’t I know about this group?”, and immediately I started crate digging into the group’s discography.

Concept Of Thought – Misty Blue ft Daisy Drage (Official Music Video)

The results of crate digging were well worth it, and if you thought Concept Of Thought were a ‘one hit wonder’ you’d be in for a ugly surprise based on the groups consistent quality of music, in terms of music production, flow and lyrics. To be honest, after checking out the group’s discography I felt a strong sense of classic hip hop influences, providing so many bangers that repeat soon became the order of the day.   

Concept Of Thought – Fields ft Daisy Drage (Official Music Video)

After a six year hiatus since the groups acclaimed debut album ‘Painting On Silence’, Concept Of Thought released their highly anticipated return to music July 4, 2018 with their ‘Misty Blue’ EP. So hip hop enthusiasts you be the judge and check out Brighton’s hip hop act making the buzz, Concept Of Thought.

Concept Of Thought – Bring It Back (Official Music Video)

Listen to Concept Of Thought – Misty Blue EP

Get Concept Of Thought’s debut EP Painting On Silence FREE

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