Watch | Step into the South African electronic music scene with Future Sound Of Mzansi

When it comes to South Africa, I think it would be safe to say that before DJ Black Coffee walked away with the coveted World DJ Of The Year Award in Ibiza, not much had been known about the South African electronic music scene globally. However if you were to look closely on the ground , you’ll discover a vibrant underground culture of electronic music heads, dj’s and producers, all collectively expressing why Mzansi’s (South Africa) electronic music scene is incredible.   The ‘Future Sound of Mzansi’ provides access into the culture through the lens of acclaimed South African artist Spoek Mthambo, as he explores and interrogates the South African landscape.

The film produced by Black Major in collaboration with Directors Nthato Mokgata and Lebo Rasethaba of Egg Films officially released in 2015, featuring a diverse range of artists from emerging to pioneers which include names like Black Coffee, Christian Tiger School, Aero Manyelo, Felix Laband, John Wizards, Krushed & Sorted,Machepies,  Markus Wormstorm, Sibot, DJ Spoko, Zaki Ebrahim, Rude Boys and Panyaza, to name a few.

Watch Future Sounds Of Mzansi Trailer

“Still a country steeped in poverty, crime, and injustice, South Africans party like their lives depended on it. From the sounds of deep house to glitch hop, kwaito-house, township tech, sghubu sapitori, Durban qhum, daintly melodic electronica to dubstep,super fast khawuleza and shangaan electro. The groove is thick and infectious. And they give themselves to it.” Future Sound Of Mzansi

“We travelled around South African to explore our rich electronic music scene. For years there’s been a strong movement of producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and most importantly, party goers, giving themselves to new ideas of African Electronic Music.” Nthatho Mokgata

So without any delay, check out the complete documentary below via THUMP

WATCH Future Sound Of Mzansi Part 1

Future Sounds Of Mzansi Part 2

Future Sound Of Mzansi Part 3

Directed by: Nthato Mokgata and Lebo Rasethaba
Produced by: Black Major
Future Sounds Of Mzansi Online

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