WATCH | I was in the Black Eyed Peas then I quit!

While browsing the web in search of some interesting content, I discovered a headline that read “I quit the Black Eyed Peas, then they became famous” and immediately I was hooked. I mean ,in life we have those moments where we find ourselves at a cross roads to make a decision on something and thereafter in hindsight, we regret the decision we made.

Kim Hill with Black Eyed Peas

So on that note, I discovered an interesting  New York Times Op- Docs series titled ‘Almost Famous’ documenting the stories of people who almost made it but for some other reason things never materialized to fame.

In the mid-1990s singer ,songwriter Kim Hill tells the story of how she met a young rapper who suggested they make music together. The young rapper at the time would be, who had a rising underground hip hop crew called Black Eyed Peas. Kim Hill found herself at a crossroads in 2000 and  decided to quit the group to find her own voice, as she watched the group skyrocket into global stardom! Watch the documentary below to find out more about Kim who passed up what every performer would have wanted or did she?  


Director: Ben Proudfoot
Production Company: Breakwater Studios LL

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