WATCH | Ivytide release video for brand new single

Ivytide’s Jamie Snytte, Nathan Gagne and Kyle Ruggiero (from left)

Ivytide, an emerging indie dream pop alternative band from Montreal, Canada just dropped a live session music video to their new single ‘miss u btw’ released May 28, 2021. The new track comes as a follow up to the bands single ‘Lets Talk About It’ released February 2021 and in terms of their latest offering, the Canadian trio speaks of a dissolved relationship and being unapologetic for who you are, layered over a dreamy acoustic riff. We caught up with Ivytide’s Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Kyle Ruggiero (bass) and Jamie Snytte (guitar) for an interview on their latest offering and more which you can check out below…

WATCH | Ivytide new single ‘miss you btw’ (Music Video) May 28, 2021

You just dropped your new single ‘miss u btw’, please share with us the details to the new song?
Our new single, “miss u btw”,  represents one side of a two-tailed story. Parting ways with someone leads to an inevitable feeling of withdrawal, pulling you back into the relationship you once had. The other side of the story reflects all the countless fights and sleepless nights that drew you apart in the first place. While knowing things ended for a reason, a creeping feeling of nostalgia ceases to put your mind at ease. A lot of songs have been written about breakups, but this one looks at it through the unique lens of the love-hate duality that comes after the end of a relationship.

How did Ivytide start and how did the name come to be?
“Nathan Gagné developed a passion for making music as a teenager, singing in his room with the door closed. He taught himself guitar and built upon what he loved from the artists he admired. After some convincing from one of his musician friends, Nathan decided to look into some local studios.

Jamie Snytte grew up playing in bands, and developed an interest in the recording process, so much so that he opened up his own recording studio with a business partner in 2016. After honing his craft by working with artists from many genres, Nathan happened to book a recording session. Together they worked on Nathan’s first solo EP, and a year later Nathan returned for a follow-up project. For this project, they began working together on songwriting and composition, and found that they shared a mutual love for indie pop music, with hip-hop influences.

Following the release of this EP in 2017, Nathan was eager to perform the songs live with a band.  With Jamie on guitar and a session drummer on board, they began to seek out a bassist.  Kyle Ruggiero, Jamie’s longtime friend and former bandmate stepped in. After a few shows, the trio began working together on new music which led to the formation of Ivytide.In terms of the name, we were looking for something that we thought represented our sound. The thought of ivy leaves floating on rising and falling waves visually encapsulated the music. Hence, Ivytide.”

Ivytide – Blurr (Music Video)

In terms of music style or genre, was this the vision of the band or did the sound only come to the fore after many jam sessions of experimentation by doing?
“We’ve definitely refined our sound since the release of our first EP in 2018. We’ve really improved in incorporating different influences from different genres in a tasteful way. This has resulted in a more cohesive sound that defines our music, with intricate drum and percussive elements and sounds that lay the foundation for a big vocal and silky guitars.”

What’s your music making process based on songs and how do you conjure up the inspiration to come up with lyrics for your songs?
The process usually starts with one of us making a demo from scratch and sending it to the rest of the guys. We then get together to further develop the idea as a collective. We write and produce all of our music ourselves in Jamie’s very own living room. We’ve been making bedroom pop music from the comforts of our homes since our very first release. Having freedoms that might otherwise be limited when renting studio space has been a great asset for us. The music making process is naturally inspired by certain samples or melodies we’ll hear, which will lead us to further pursue and develop those ideas. Music also offers us an escape from the stresses of our day-to-day lives, and allows us to be unapologetically creative.”

What was your favourite live performance and why?
“In a covid-free era, we used to frequently perform at various locations around Montreal. We would try to take any show that we could get, in order to gain more on-stage experience. Our favorite venue in Montreal was Casa del Popolo which has since closed down due to the pandemic. We’ve also had the opportunity to perform in Toronto for Canadian Music Week 2019, and pulled an all-nighter right before the show, which was quite the memorable experience.”

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How is the underground music scene in Montreal?
The MTL music scene is full of amazing artists. We’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented homies including Edwin Raphael, Oscar Louis, wordsbyjuni, Matt Rogers (Fleece), and Kids from the underground.

What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened on tour or while performing a live?
When we played Canadian Music Week 2019 in Toronto, we drove early (6 AM) to get there in time for the conference, and then ended up playing a show at 1AM with literally no sleep the night before or after.”

How long did it take Ivytide to go from independent to signing with Higher Reign Music Group & Sony Music, and please elaborate on how that all came about, to be now, where many would think “you guys made it”.  So, based on your expectations and what you experienced, what does “being signed” really mean?
After releasing our debut EP independently, we reached out to a bunch of labels ourselves with an unreleased single, and we made a great connection with Higher Reign. It was a good jump up for us, and allowed us to reach a bigger audience with new support from Spotify and Apple Music. Starting to work with a label just makes you want to work even harder to get to the next level.

Ivytide – talk about it

Its evident that Ivytide are an indie band on the rise and rise, comprised of super talented members.

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