WATCH | The documentary on South Africa’s new sound blowing up, Amapiano

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When it comes to the South African underground dance music scene, be expectant of a nation capable of going toe to toe with the best of them in terms of culture, music, DJ’s and more. So recently being July 2, 2021 I came across an article in Rolling Stone magazine about South Africa’s new sound Amapiano and this completely blew me away, I mean who would of thought that the genre would spark interest from an international publication. I mean the last time South Africa created a genre that sparked interest of any magnitude as an “incredible thing” to any international audience, we created “Kwaito” and I stand to be corrected “Ghoema Rock”.

The feature in Rolling Stones magazine really sparked my interest to dig deeper into the history of the sound, and then I discovered “SHAYA!”, the documentary on the origins and culture of Amapiano. The 26 minute documentary by Papercutt TV features trailblazers of the genre that include names like Kabza De Small, DJ Jaivane, JazziDisciples, Papers 707, Dimpie Dimpopo, Mbali Sibeko, Dinho Cafe, Kwiish SA, Pencil and Stokie to name a few. So step inside the culture of Amapiano and watch the full documentary below…

WATCH SHAYA! Amapiano (Full Documentary)

Production Company: Papercutt.TV (
Directed by: Thabang “Papercutt” Moloto
Produced by: Lindokuhle Malinga , Thabang Moloto

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