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Yes you read properly, on the 20th anniversary of HBO‘s iconic series ‘The Sopranos‘, creator David Chase will bring fans a movie prequel. For those who watched the award winning series, Sopranos had us enthralled by the story of New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), meandering through the difficulties of balancing family life and being the boss of a criminal organization. This dynamic becomes evident as they are explored with his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), during their therapy sessions. The one thing we will always wonder about the final scene (Made in America) of season 6 is if Tony got killed in the diner when it just cut to black. A mystery till this day…

Michael Gandolfini cast as Tony Soprano, the role of his father James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini , Michael Gandolfinopranos, HBO
Photo by Theo Wargo via WGN-TV

So to please all you die-hard Sopranos fans, New Line Cinema announced in 2018 that they have purchased a film detailing the Sopranos background story, to be set during the Newark riots of the 1960’s. The title will be called The Many Saints of Newark, written by David Chase and Lawrence Konner and will be directed by Alan Taylor.


HBO, The Sopranos, Cult Report
Sopranos cast at the 20 year anniversary panel discussion at IFC Center for Split Screens TV

Watch ‘The Sopranos’ 20th Anniversary  red carpet via E! Entertainment online

So to all the fans out there wondering if Tony will return, we can confirm that he does in the form of a young Anthony Soprano, a prominent figure in the film. The role of Tony will be filled by Michael Gandolfini, the son of James Gandolfini cast as the actor to depict Soprano boss in his earlier life. The film will revolve around the earlier days, bringing in Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti played by actor Alessandro Nivola, the father of Christopher ‘Chrissy’ Moltasanti (Michael Imperioli) a central character in the film who we remember Tony always spoke highly of.  If this is the case then we can only think of Carmine Luppertazzi Sr, Tony’s father Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, his mother Livia Soprano, Junior Soprano aka “Uncle Junior”, Paulie Gaultieri, Johnny Sack, Jackie April Sr and Tony Blundetto to possibly grace the screen.

In terms of the cast, we can confirm that currently added to the cast is Vera Farmiga and John Bernthal in undisclosed roles. The Many Saints of Newark is expected to release October 1, 2021. So all you die-hard fans eagerly waiting, let’s be patient, optimistic and hope that this lives up to the legacy of Sopranos.

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