WATCH | DJ Premier’s new series gives the ‘lowdown’ on some of his most iconic beats [Full]

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From Left: Guru and DJ Premier photographed by Chi Modu

Legendary hip hop music producer DJ Premier and member of iconic rap duo ‘Gang Starr’ launched his brand new series ‘So Wassup?’, a salute to the floppy disk” August 4, 2021 on Youtube , which explores the story behind some of the biggest productions in his career, with a focus on how the technology of the time influenced the sound of hip hop music before the world of digital. Check out some of the episodes that have aired thus far featuring tracks by NAS, KRS-ONE, Gang Starr and more…

So Wassup? Episode 1 | Jeru The Dmaja ” Come Clean”

So Wassup? Episode 2 The Notorious BIG “Unbelievable”

So Wassup? Episode 3 | D.I.T.C. “The Enemy”

So Wassup? Episode 4 | Gang Starr “Mass Appeal”

So Wassup? Episode5 | KRS-ONE “Mc’s Act Like They Dont Know” (August 31 Premiere)

WATCH So Wassup? Episode 6 | Nas “Represent” (September 8 2021)

WATCH So Wassup? Episode 7 |  Return of The Crooklyn Dodgers

WATCH So Wassup?  Episode 8 | D’Angelo “Lady (Remix)”

So Wassup? Episode 9 | Janet Jackson “Together Again (Remix)”

So Wassup? Episode 10 | Rakim “It’s Been a Long Time”

So Wassup? Episode 11 | Gang Starr “Take It Personal”

SO WASSUP? Episode 12 | Limp Bizkit ft Method Man

SO WASSUP? Episode 13| Group Home “Livin Proof”

So Wassup? Episode 14 | Royce da 5’9″ “Boom”

So Wassup? Episode 15 | D&D All-Stars “1,2 Pass It”

So Wassup? Episode 16 | Gang Starr, Poetic Justice “ALONGWAYTOGO

So Wassup? Episode 18 | Devin The Dude “Doobie Ashtray”

So Wassup? Episode 19 | M.O.P. “Brownsville”

So Wassup? Episode 20 | Gang Starr “Royalty”

So Wassup? Episode 21 | Das EFX “Real Hip Hop

So Wassup? Episode 22 | Fat Joe “Sh*t Is Real”

So Wassup? Episode 23 | The L.O.X. – “Recognize”

So Wassup? Episode 24 | Gang Starr – “Above The Clouds”

So Wassup? Episode 25 | O.C. – “My World”

Listen to Gang Starr’s new album One Of The Best Yet here

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