WATCH | Kiefer drops new song in collaboration with Samsung mobile

Kiefer Shackleford the Los Angeles based pianist/ music producer with a Jazz electronica hip hop inspired sound better known as “Kiefer”, dropped new collaboration with Samsung (Kiefer X Samsung), creating his own rendition of the mobile brands signature ringtone “Over the Horizon” . The new production rework by kiefer will be availble on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series devices. Watch the official music video and enjoy Kiefer’s version of “Over The Horizon” below…

“’Over the Horizon’ was a genuinely enjoyable experience for me,” said Shackelford. “A great roster of musicians has been a part of the Samsung Galaxy signature ringtone, which gave me the impression that Samsung is looking for some solid music, not just any other ringtone. You have a five to ten-second opportunity to bring a spark to everyone’s day, and I hope this hopeful, optimistic and wistful melody does the trick.” – Kiefer (Samsung Newsroom)

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