LISTEN | Technimatic release new Original Structures EP

UK drum n bass duo Technimatic released their highly anticipated ‘Original Structures’ EP March 25,2022. 

The new Original Structures EP will take listeners on a blast from the past, to the origins of Technimatic, when it was just two guys ‘Technicolour’ and ‘Komatic ‘ ,who were both releasing music as solo artists in the mid-2000s before joining forces to become Technimatic.

“Two tracks from each of us form this project.  We’d always made tracks as solo artists before we joined forces, and this EP has allowed us to dive right back to our respective roots, but with everything we’ve learned on our journey so far.  These were all made as ammo for our DJ sets, to have tracks that nobody else had.  But in the end, it seemed a shame to always keep them to ourselves.” – Technimatic

Technimatic’s ‘Technicolor’ – Satisfy EP

Satisfy was born a couple of years ago when Andy and I were in between projects and we were just making tunes and bootlegs specifically to play in DJ sets. I didn’t think too hard about it, and just tried to create something that has that musical side we both love, but also packs a punch for the dancefloor. It’s been going down really well in our sets, and I’m chuffed to finally get it out there into the world” – Pete

Technimatic’s ‘Komatic’ – Make Me Feel

Technimatic Original Structures EP [listen]

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