LISTEN | Artwork Sounds unleash “The Gospel” with new house album release

South African Deep House duo Artwork Sounds resurfaced with their latest album “The Gospel According To Artwork Sounds” late March 2022. In terms of sound, the new 12 track album released through ‘The Ashamed Hour” Records, is all in all a solid offering with soulful lyrics of substance layered over funky deep house beats.

Despite the gospel album name and song titles of “Lift Him Up” Hallelujah”, “Romans 8-28” to name a few, the album is far from a journey into a spiritual field trip but feels more like rememberance of their religous roots layered over house music. The album features exciting collaborations with prominent names on the South African deep house music scene that include Brian Temba, Magiq Musik, Tim a Deep, all contributing respectively on the deep house gospel by Artwork Sounds.

In terms of my standout tracks from the album, Hope (Dub Mix) would have to be the biggest banger on the album, followed by “Honor Glory & Power” That Name and Woza Moya. So to not stall any further listen to my top track on the album below….

Artwork Sounds – Hope (Dub Mix)

Artwork Sounds The Gospel According To Artwork Sounds [Full Album]

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