LISTEN | RAAVI make big statement with new EP release OUT NOW

New York alternative rock band Raavi released their highly anticipated EP It Grows on Trees TODAY, accompanied by a new music video drop.  Formed in 2017, the indie emo alternative rock band originally called Raavi & the Houseplants, were based in Boston, NY  where they steadily carved a reputation for themselves before moving to Brooklyn, New York to work on their next project “It Grows on Trees” which is finally here.

The band now called RAAVI is fronted by queer-desi songwriter Raavi Sita, accompanied by James Duncan on bass, Jason Block on drums and producer Justin Termotto.  It Grows On Trees marks the turn of a new leaf for the band, with Ruben Radlauer (Model/Actriz & Dirt Buyer) co-engineering and mixing the record, the band found their stride and ran with it.

Raavi Sita of Raavi

Their latest offering It Grows on Trees is born from the trials of pandemic life; two years  of worldly idleness left Sita with only a handful of songs to express and cope with enormous upheaval. The bands deep, story driven lyrics are accompanied by a chorus of big guitars somewhat nostalgic, reminding me of 1990s alternative rock, and taking inspiration from bands Slow Pulp and Forth Wanderers. In terms of sound, the band have woven together gentle melodic indie emo rock fused with a perfect mix of 90s alternative rock to achieve their excellent sound.  

Lyrically, Sita can’t help to make herself vulnerable by writing with truth and complete honesty, seeking clarity to untangle messes of familial relationships, feelings of relative worth, harm and conflict. To tease fans before their big EP drop, the band released two music videos to the singles Lazy Susan and Chorus Girl, with a new music video from the EP titled Thursday which came out today with “It Grows on Trees”.  In my personal opinion, Raavi have made a big statement with their latest offering, and are definitely a band on the rise that your eardrums need to meet. So, listen to the new EP It Grows on Trees and check out their new music videos from the album below…

Raavi – Thursday (Official Music Video Premiere)

Raavi – Chorus Girl ( Official Music Video)

Raavi – Lazy Susan (Official Music Video)

‘Lazy Susan’ confronts being deeply exploited in her workplace, leading to a catalytic realization of self-worth – she “almost felt like the song was an internal pep talk.” ….Meanwhile, ‘Chorus Girl’ touches on watching crises unfold among her loved ones and herself. Both tracks provide much-needed release. Meanwhile, ‘Thursday’ and ‘AJ’ inhibit a slightly calmer reflectiveness, exploring Sita’s respective relationships with her dad and mom, entangled with her choice to devote her life to a precarious career in music.

LISTEN to Raavi – It Grows on Trees EP (FULL)

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