WATCH | South African action thriller Indemnity now showing in cinema

High paced action packed thriller “Indemnity” is now showing at South African cinemas, after officially having their film premiere May 13, 2022. The new feature film written and directed by Travis Taute first released overseas with a world premiere in Montreal, at the Fantasia International Film Festival at the end of 2021 before hitting the big screen in the USA.

The feature film debut by Travis Taute, tells the story of a traumatised ex-firefighter in Cape Town who wakes up next to his wife’s murdered corpse, with no recollection of what transpired. Labelled as the prime suspect, he goes on the run and is soon hunted by a notorious police chief, and an unknown third party. He must now fight for his life and find out who killed his wife, before a conspiracy changes the course of a nation forever.

The lead cast includes Jarrid Geduld playing the character of ex-firefighter Theo Abrahams, André Jacobs as General Alan Shard, Gail Mabalane playing the role of Detective Rene Williamson, Louw Venter as character Ernst Viljoen , and Nicole Fortuin playing the wife of Theo, Angela Abrahams. Check out the official trailer below.

Indemnity – Official Trailer

For those who are unfamiliar, Travis Taute wrote and directed episodes for the acclaimed South African Netflix series Blood & Water and served as head writer and director on danZ! If you thought the leading man was replaced with a stunt man, think again, Jarrid Geduld performed all his stunts in the making of this film, including the scene when hanging from the window of a building!

Book your tickets to watch Indemnity now showing at NuMetro and Ster-Kinekor cinemas nationwide

For those who are not able to make it to the cinema, you will be pleased to know that Indemnity is now streaming on the platforms below
Apple TV
Amazon Prime

Try Apple TV

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