“Who Do You Love” funk jazz legend Bernard Wright dies at 58

Funk Jazz music legend of the 80’s Bernard Wright, one of the most sampled artists of the era, with his stand out smash hit “Who Do You Love” has sadly passed away at the age of 58 May 19, 2022.

Bernard Wright the god son of Grammy Award winning RnB and Soul music legend Roberta Flack,  was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York  16 November 1963,  releasing his debut album  titled ‘Nard’ in 1981. The late singer and keyboard player would release two more albums, with 1983’s Funky Beat and 1985’s album Mr Wright, which featured the massive hit “Who Do You Love”.  

Referred to as a musical genius, it was announced that the late musician passed away in a car accident while crossing the street in Dallas where he lived. To pay tribute to Bernard Wright, take a look at his smash hit “Who Do You Love” below…

Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love (Music Video)

Bernard Wright LIVE in Dallas May 2021

In memory of the late great musical icon, take a look at hip hop songs featuring samples of Bernard Wright’s debut album 1981 ‘Nard’.

LL Cool J – Who Do You Love feat. Total (1996)

Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin (Sampled By Snoop Dogg on Doggy Style)

Snoop Doog – Gz and Hustlas

Bernard Wright – Spinnin ( NARD 1981) Sample for Skeelo’s song ‘I Wish’ ( sample at 2min 30 sec)

Skeelo – I Wish (Official Music Video)

Condolences to the Wright family, friends and all mourning during this difficult time. RIP Bernard Wright.

Listen to more music by Bernard Wright on the platforms below…
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