REWIND | Revisiting Modjo’s banging single Chillin’ 21 years later

In this session of Rewind, we flashback 21 years to the day April 2, 2001, when French house music duo Modjo’ dropped their banging dance anthem ‘Chillin”.  The duo from Paris, France is composed of group members, producer Romain Tranchart along with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Yann Destagnol, formed the group in the late 90’s between ‘98 and ’99. 

After the massive success of their first single “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)”, the duo followed up that success with the dance floor banger Chillin’ before releasing their debut self-titled album MODJO in September 2001. The song features samples from Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards song “Le Freak” by Chic. In terms of the dance charts, Chillin’ reached Number 3 in Finland and Hungary, 4th in Portugal and Spain, 10th in Switzerland and 12th in the United Kingdom.  Listen to the track and check out the official music video below…

Modjo – Chillin (Official Music Video)

The single featured the original version, accompanied with remixes by “We In Music vs the Buffalo Bunch” and “Choo Choo’s Original Recipe” to conclude the release.

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