LISTEN | SGVO stays true to his signature sound with new deep house album drop

South African deep house music producer SGVO officially dropped his much anticipated third album “OVGSREPUBLIC” TODAY via Just Move Records, the follow up to 2020’s banging album release titled “NVMBERS”.

The solid new 11 track album displays SGVO’s classic signature deep house dub sound in fine form, shining through with sultry, ambient, bouncy big bass lines that summon you to the dance floor. My stand out tracks on the album were “Informers Room”, “Vault Ward”, “Ahmen”, “00 Club Vibe (Classic Dub)”, “Octave”, “Dub Persuit” and “Before Gravity”. Listen to the album below…


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In my personal opinion, SVGO is one of the most exciting house music acts coming out of South Africa right now. I mean at only 21 years old, If you not watching you will notice lots of the bangers you like released by some of South Africa’s established House music producers, SVGO is involved. So keep your ears and eyes on this super talented dj and music producer from South Africa.

I could’nt help but add this banger by SGVO titled “Above Water” released April 29, 2022 below…

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