WATCH | New Nipsey Hussle cannabis documentary shows early life of rapper to owning a dispensary [Full]

The estate of late Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle released a new documentary titled “The Marathon (Cultivation)”, focusing on the early life and rise of Nipsey to evenually creating his own strain of OG Kush and owning a legal cannabis dispensary. The film officially released May 20, 2022, on YouTube wil provide audiences with an in depth look into Nipsey and his brothers journey with marijuana, by refusing to give up on their dreams.

The film had a private rooftop screening premiere in Los Angeles located at the brands The Marathon Clothing Store No.2 branch before going worldwide on YouTube. Check out the FULL documentary below.

WATCH | The Marathon Cultivation Documentary [Full]

“This is something we always spoke about,”…“Nipsey, Fatts, Adam, and I had a goal to get a legitimately licensed store and have our brand in other stores across the state. We’re so honored to be able to fulfill the dream.” – Samiel Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle brother)

To celebrate the new business venture, The Marathon Cultivation store will be having a grand opening for it’s first official The Marathon Collective flagship dispensary on Saturday, June 18th. 7011 Canoga Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303 (USA)

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