WATCH | Bob Marley’s 75th anniversary documentary (Full)

Robert Nesta Marley better known as Bob Marley, the late great Rastafarian musician born February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles, Jamaica, came from humble beginnings as a ghetto reggae star who went on to become an international music icon associated for not only his music but for the role his music played in the anti-oppression movement in the world. Many consider Bob Marley a pioneer of Reggae music ,from humble beginnings as the ghetto reggae star’ who put Jamaica on the international stage, and became an icon because of the power his music had to affect people.

This year would have been Bob Marley’s 77th birthday and how I would have loved to hear Bob’s views on the world we live in today, based on his divine spirit of activism and consciousness. So to celebrate the Reggae legends 77th birthday, a special 7 part mini-documentary series  titled ‘Bob Marley: Legacy’ got released in February 2020, featuring intimate conversations , interviews with family, friends and fans all woven together by combining Marley’s original music, remixes and covers to fully express his legacy.

Bob Marley LEGACY Series Trailer

To add to the new Legacy documentary series, a new ‘Iron Lion Zion’ EP also got released featuring a 7” and 12” version of the timeless classic, along with two special dub mixes, a remix and ‘Smile Jamaica’ (From Songs Of Freedom), fans can expect in the new EP. So to not delay any further,  check out the full documentary below…

WATCH Bob Marley – Legacy: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1)

Bob Marley LEGACY: Women Rising Episode 2)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: Righteousness  (Episode 3)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: Rhythm of the Game (Episode 4)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: Punk Reggae Party (Episode 5)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: Ride Natty Ride (Episode 6)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: Freedom Fighter (Episode 7)

Keep up with the latest updates on music releases by Bob Marley here

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