REWIND | Joey Bada$$ celebrates 10 years since releasing his magnum opus, the “1999” mixtape

On this day June 12, 2012, a young 17 year old Joey Bada$$ from the borough of Flatbush, Brooklyn NYC, released his debut mixtape “1999”, the drop which would ultimately change the course of his destiny.  

I remember when I first discovered Joey Bada$$, I worked at a film production company and came across a film publication that spoke of an amazing music video shot with a RED EPIC dubbed to VHS and then back to digital. This immediately caught my attention and when I clicked through I saw an amazing display of visuals accompanied by rappers that were exceptional in their delivery on the song Frombdatomb$. It was at this moment that I became a fan of Joey Bada$$, who presented this nostalgic golden era of hip hop through their music, yet he had never really experienced any of it.

Joey Bada$$ (feat. Chuck Strangers) – Fromdatomb$ (Official Video)

‘Survival Tactics’ was the first single release accompanied by a music video featuring the late great Capital Steez, the catalyst that created the Joey Bada$$ buzz and drew attention to the Brooklyn native. The special thing about the time of “1999” in comparison to his music peers, he did not sound like any of those making a buzz, most notably the Earl Sweatshirt’s of ODD FUTURE or Chicago’s Chief Keef, with his pure lyrical demanding, flow driven 1990’s sound that made you think you were back in the golden age of the 90’s. If you never saw Joey Bada$$, based on slang, vocabulary, music style,  the first thing you would think is, perhaps you missed this mixtape release by an artist from the 90’s era of hip hop, to only discover that the emcee was only 17 years old.

Joey Bada$$ x Capital Steez – Survival Tactics (Official Video)

Based on success, Joey’s 1999 mixtape went double platinum on Datpiff’s mixtape download site and in 2018 the album became available on all streaming platforms. The album not only brought a new sense of promise to new New York Hip Hop but also led to the rise of the hip hop collective ‘Pro Era’ featuring Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez and rap artists on the 1999 mixtape.  

.Joey Bada$$ – Waves (Music Video)

The “1999” mixtape in my opinion could have been Joey’s “illmatic” if he had a deal at the time based on quality, reception, food for thought and cadence released on the tape.  When this tape dropped, listeners were introduced to featuring rap artists, Capital Steez, Chuck Strangers, Tina Apex, Nyck Caution and CJ Fly to name a few, as “1999” went viral on the underground streets. In terms of production, the mixtape featured beats by Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers, Freddie Joachim, along with additional beats by hip hop legends MF Doom, J Dilla and Lord Finesse.

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ – Daily Routine

JOEY BADA$$ – Making Of Daily Routine (Songs From Scratch Session)

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