WATCH | Toro y Moi release new film as companion to MAHAL album drop [Full]

Psychedelic acid indie rock band Toro y Moi released a new film “Goes By So Fast: A Mahal Film” the companion piece as a follow up to their new album MAHAL dropped April 29, 2022. The new short film starring Eric Andre and lead singer Chaz, brings life to the album, made in partnership with Dropbox and directed by Harry Israelson. Watch the film below…

Toro y Moi – Goes By So Fast: a Mahal Film

“Given the more serious themes of the record, Harry and I both felt it fitting to come up with something humorous and fun. I wanted to make something that humanized the music and hopefully myself in ways. Knowing that I’m not much of an actor and somewhat reserved, we felt it was best to find a supporting actor who would bring some context to the ‘man behind the curtain.’ We felt Eric Andre’s character, Panther, was the perfect high-sporadic energy to match my persona, giving context to my introverted tendencies. I loved the entire process and I think fans will be able to see the fun we had making it.” – Chaz (Variety interview)

Toro y Moi – Magazine feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis (MAHAL album)

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