LISTEN | Joey Bada$$ returns to that classic hip hop sound with new ‘2000’ album drop

Joey Bada$$ officially released his new album Friday July 22, after the initial release date of June 17, having to be cancelled due to music sample clearances. The new album titled “2000”, comes as the follow up chapter to his groundbreaking “1999” mixtape, with Joey Bada$$ returning to that classic boom bap hip hop sound with a modern 2000’s era fusion.

Joey Bada$$ – Where I Belong (Official Video)

Listening to the album, the Brooklyn New York rapper makes references to classic hip hop, with songs “The Baddest” featuring Diddy, sampling De Barge’s “I Like It” then chants Grand Puba lyrics “Ooh when I like It, can you say New York City” and “Cruise Control” mentioning Big Pun’s “Its so Hard” interlude when Pun says ” …and I know you from where?,…I dont know you man”, and not forgetting a NAS interlude speaking of Joey Bada$$ being a real emcee and a young king. The album track “Show Me How” produced by Statik Selektah samples Canadian Indie band “Men I Trust’s” alternative chill wave track “Show Me How”.

Joey Bada$$ – Zipcodes (Official Video)

In terms of features on “2000”, expect special guest appearances by Diddy, Westside Gunn, Larry June, Capella Grey, Chris Brown, and JID coming together on Joey’s 14 track album. Despite it being 5 years since he released his last album, with lyrics of “who’s the best emcees, Kenny, Joey and Cole”, he makes it evident to those thinking he got rusty, that he still as lethal as ever on the mic. To conclude, all in all “2000” is a very good offering by Joey Bada$$, reigniting that classic hip hop fire that needs to be lit in a day where quality hip hop on the commercial scene is becoming a scarcity. Listen to the album below..

Listen Joey Bada$$ ‘2000’ Full Album

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LISTEN | Joey Bada$$ celebrates 10 years since releasing his magnum opus, the “1999” mixtape

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