WATCH | Films you can stream at Durban International Film Festival 2022

Durban International film festival (DIFF) is in full swing and almost at the end of yet another successful edition, with this year being the 43rd installment of the South African film festival. This year the festival running from the 21 – 30 July, will showcase a variety of local and international feature, documentary and short lentgth films by established and up and coming filmmakers, with the format comprised of in person and online screenings. So to give a brief glimpse, below are some of the films to watch online for a limited time during the festival.

To stream the festival films all you need to do is register with an email account and you will receive your film rental pass. Check out our list of some of the films you can stream below…

“1960” TRAILER Opening Film for DIFF2022

When the remains of an apartheid-era policeman are discovered 60 years after he went missing, a retired singer revisits her past to help with the investigation. But how much does she know, and what is she holding back? Watch the “1960” full length here

2 Thirds Of A Man Feature Film [Official Trailer]

2 Thirds of a Man explores the coming-of-age story of Justin, a talented but guarded teenager returning to Cape Town to navigate unique challenges as a first-year student at Rocklands University. Watch the full feature film here

Nefarious Creatures [Short Film Trailer]

When a package goes missing, several lives are inextricably linked in this neo noir love letter to the city of Johannesburg. Watch the short film here

“Eiffel” [France]

Having just finished his collaboration on the Statue of Liberty, celebrated engineer Gustave Eiffel is on top of the world. Now, the French government is pressuring him to design something spectacular for the 1889 Paris World Fair, but Eiffel simply wants to design a train line. Suddenly, everything changes when Eiffel crosses paths with a mysterious woman from his past. Their long lost, forbidden passion inspires him to change the Paris skyline forever. You will never look at the Eiffel Tower the same way again! Eiffel unfortunately is not vailable to view online but based on the storyline i decided to share.

Balloon Animal [USA]

A young circus performer, Poppy Valentine, is stuck under the harsh demands of her father and their community’s expectations. But while on a quick night out to let loose and have some fun with her friends, she finds herself captivated by small-town America, which then forces her to question everything. Stream the film here

You’re My Favourite Place [Official Premiere 29 July]

It centres around a young girl, played by Tumie Ngumla. From the roughest part of East London whose life has never been the same since the death of her sister Anathi. On the last day of their high school careers, she and three friends embark on a life-defining road trip by stealing a taxi and heading to the remote landmark of Hole in the Wall, where Xhosa legend has it you can talk to the dead. Watch full feature screening tomorrow 29 July at 9PM here

Girl, Taken [Documentary Trailer]

Girl, Taken is the incredible story of Morné and Celeste Nurse whose baby, Zephany, was stolen from the hospital at birth. They miraculously found her 17 years later, named Miché, and living just a few kilometres away. It seemed like the Nurse family’s prayers had been answered, but things are never that simple. Watch the full film here

Ring Wandering [Japan]

In central Tokyo, a young man named Sosuke aspires to be a manga artist. His current work is about a battle between a hunter and a Japanese wolf. He can’t draw the extinct wolf well, nor develop the story. One winter’s day, Sosuke finds an animal’s skull while digging foundations at a construction site. He is a day labourer to make a living. Is it a Japanese wolf’s skull? Sosuke takes it home without permission. His interest peaks and he sneaks into the construction site at night to find other pieces of bones, which may help him draw the Japanese wolf. Unusual in winter, there is a fireworks display that night. Without finding any bones, Sosuke leaves the construction site. Disappointed, he bumps into a mysterious woman Midori and unintentionally hurts her. Midori is looking for her dog; missing for a week. Feeling sorry about her injury, Sosuke helps to look for the dog. Wandering around a quiet town, wondering why the fireworks do not start, he travels through time into Tokyo’s past and what lies underground. Stream the film here

Donkeyhead Feature Film Trailer [Canada]

Donkeyhead is a 2021 Canadian comedy-drama film written and directed by Agam Darshi in her directorial debut. The plot follows Mona (37), a failed writer, who carves out a life of isolation while caring for her ailing traditional Sikh father. When he has a debilitating stroke, her three successful siblings arrive at her door, determined to take control of the situation. Stream the full movie here

Playing Through [USA]

Late in her career, Ann Gregory finds the courage to be the first woman of colour to enter the USGA Women’s Amateur Golf Championship. She collides with Babs Whatling, a privileged white woman from the south who is searching for her own identity. This highly publicised match forever changes them and the game. Stream the full film here

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