WATCH| Legendary New York hip hop photographer’s story told in SHOWTIME documentary film [Trailer]

This year is the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop music and I think it’s only fitting to scratch beneath the surface of the culture and unveil some of the innovators, story tellers, and visual artists who have collectively contributed to making the genre one of the most lucrative commodities on the planet

So on that note, we introduce the story of famous New York street photographer Ricky Powell, the man responsible for taking iconic non photo-shoot portraits of the who’s who in New York City during the 80’s and 90’s. The documentary film titled “Ricky Powell: The Individualist” directed by Josh Wade explores the life and story as told by Powell nicknamed the “Lazy Hustler” and how he became one of the most revered photographers in the culture, capturing images of RUN–DMC, Beastie Boys, Basquit, Madonna and more. “The Individualist” not only documents his most iconic work featuring some of his famous subjects but also unveils the dark side of being a superstar photographer. The documentary officially released in 2020 is available to stream on Showtime and Apple TV. Check out the documentary trailer below…  

Ricky Powell: The Individualist (2021) Trailer

“Baptism Of Fire” documentary clip

Watch “The Individualist” on the platfoms below
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