REWIND | Revisiting Kaskade’s classic deep house banger 19 years later…

This REWIND we flashback to 2003, revisiting the debut album by US house music DJ and Producer Kaskade’s “Its You, It’s Me” released March 18, 2003 via OM Records. The 13 track album “It’s You, It’s Me” saw the release of official singles: “What I Say”, “Gonna Make It”, “I Feel It” and “It’s You, It’s Me”, however the song that flew beneath the radar for many would have to be the sensually ambient deep house lounge track “Seeing Julie” featuring Amy Michelle with an incredible bass line.

I remember  the first time I heard this track was in a house set by the late great Cape Town DJ Sean “The Prawn” Bauer  at the old house music night club “Deluxe” in Cape Town,  and immediately had an ‘eargasm’. Fast forward to 2022 and this banger still slaps today. Listen to the track below…


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