WATCH | Glitterbox documentary explores dance music’s power to embrace and liberate [FULL]

Nightlife brand and Record label Glitterbox founded in 2014 by Defected Records, unveiled the labels debut exploration into filmmaking with the release of their feature length documentary film “Where Love Lives”. The film which officially premiered on YouTube March 2021, explores the story of dance music’s power to manifest a diverse and inclusive community, along with the power to accept and even save lives.

The documentary directed by Brilliams and produced by Oliver Prince, was filmed over six months in various locations in New York Ibiza, Paris and London, exploring the story of acceptance and creative expression – empowered, enabled and soundtracked by club music.

Through extensive interviews with nightlife culture heavyweights that include legendary DJ/producer Nicky Siano, Where Love Lives contributors , Honey Dijon, Kathy Sledge, Kiddy Smile and Lucy Fizz to name a few, explain how those driven to the margins of society are welcomed unconditionally to the centre of the dancefloor.

The film will take audiences on a journey into the history of nightlife culture, themes of identity and self-expression, along with the vital role that club land plays for those whose identities are not fully accepted in the mainstream society. Watch the FULL documentary below…

WHERE LOVE LIVES: A Story of Dancefloor Culture & Expression [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

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