REWIND ⎮ Revisiting Gardenstate’s dance floor banger feat. Bien

This REWIND we revisit US electronic dance act Gardenstate’s progressive house dance floor banger ‘ The Best Part’ featuring Nashville based indie pop band ‘ Bien’. The track by the Garden State duo comprised of Marcus Schossouw and Mathew Felner officially released July 14, 2021, is a remix of Bein’s ‘The Best Part’ (2016).

“The Best Part” comes from the groups debut album titled “Inspirations” released via UK dance label Anjuna Beats in October 2021. In terms of sound, the track features a beautiful ambient dreamy beat layered with the vocals of Bien’s lyrics speaking of a romance which brings across an emotional essence, to those late nights and early mornings on the dancefloor.  In a nutshell this track slaps, so listen to the banger below

“There shouldn’t have been a debut album on Anjunabeats, gardenstate shouldn’t have existed, and we should have stuck to our normal day job. This album is to everyone out there who has been told that ‘you can’t do it’.”  – Gardenstate

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