Take a Virtual Tour behind the scenes on The Godfather through the lens of Steve Schapiro

Step onto the set of the iconic Hollywood motion picture ‘The Godfather’ through the lens of photographer Steve Schapiro, the exclusive photographer on the feature film starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and more. The photographs from the film celebrating 50 years since release in 1972 will be unveiled by Berlin art Gallery CAMERA WORK for a limited time, providing audiences with never before images from the set of the classic, photographed by late Steve Schapiro who passed away earlier this year. The virtual exhibition officially opened November 9 and will be available online until December 22, 2022, so don’t miss this to see some of the images that have been released for the very first time! Check out the official exhibition at the links below.

Al Pacino – The Kiss by Steve Schapiro

The Godfather Exhibition Floor 1
The Godfather Exhibition Floor 2

Watch the Godfather on the platforms below
Apple TV

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Images by Steve Schapiro

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