WATCH ⎮ The story behind Jamiroquai’s hit single Virtual Insanity

English Acid jazz band Jamiroquai take us behind the beats with the documentary release of the story on Virtual Insanity from groups iconic album Travelling Without Moving officially released August 19, 1996. Virtual Insanity was a ground breaking single , that used the replayed sample of Jocelyn Brown’s post disco hit ‘ Somebody Else’s Guy of 1984 and music video won the MTV Music Video Of The Year award in 1997 for the visuals directed by English filmmaker Jonathan Glazer which got nominated in ten categories and won 4 awards on the night!

The song upon release earned the group top ten chart status in Finland, Italy and Ireland, going on to win the Grammy for Best Performance By a Duo or Group at the 1997 awards. Arguably one of the most successful British Groups of their era and hands down Jamiroquai released the best selling funk album of all time for their offering ‘Travelling Without Moving’. In 2021 the group re-released a 4k version of the music video and reissue of the album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity.

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