LISTEN |Female Hip Hop legend Monie Love brings that smooth groove with latest single feat. Nana Fofie

Known for her well received debut album, Down To Earth, which produced hits, ‘It’s A Shame (My Sister) and ‘Monie In The Middle’ British rapper MONIE LOVE brings on an international flavour with her latest single, ‘1NE People’ presenting a global message to the world.

A unique mesh of reggae/R&B, showcasing Monie’s West Indian roots as she performs a melodic, reggae chant vocal performance in Jamaican patois which is inspired by the heartfelt mantra by Marcus Garvey – “Out of Many, One People”.

Monie’s lyrics and vocal performance in the song are inspiring and motivational with a relatable appeal that feels entertaining yet educational at the same time for the listener

Nana Fofie

Along with Monie on the single release, fans are introduced to Nana Fofie – a young, up and coming Ghanian  singer/songwriter from Rotterdam, South Holland with an infectious vocal performance that will remind the listener of great female vocalists such as Marsha Ambrosius and Tems.

Produced by Roctimus Prime – an up and coming music producer/engineer in collaboration with legendary Grammy Nominated hip-hop producer, Baby Paul/BpZy (formerly of Da Beatminerz) ‘1NE People’ delivers an international female statement, spreading a message of peace, love and unity for the world!

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WATCH Behind The Scenes on the making of ‘1NE PEOPLE’Music Video

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