Fifi Rong’s new collaboration with Guess Disco

London based Beijing electronic music producer and vocalist Fifi Rong recently released a new song in collaboration with German music producer Guess Disco, titled Nahi from the 12 track album Metropolis (April 2019). In terms of being busy, its evident that Fifi is pushing her music non stop as an independent artist. The new project coming off the back of her recent music video release Sin City, is very different to what her ‘The Crown EP’ sound is like, but this funky dreamy enchanting collaboration seems to be a bit more on the meaning and story side for the listener.

Watch the music video to Fifi Rong X Guess Disco’s song ‘Nahi’

Storyline: Nahi is a mystical prayer to praise the beautiful nature and the creator of existence for miracles to happen. When I sing Nahi, it’s a reminder of this higher power. The song is about life philosophy, belief, faith, and oneness. The tone of the song is about awakening spiritually to the truth and beauty of life, overcoming limiting emotions as mankind experience, such as fear and doubt and believe in the higher power, love and divinity that’s in all of us.

Get the song and listen to ‘Nahi’  below

Listen to the full album Metropolis by Guess Disco here


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