LISTEN | Alternative Soul singer Stacey Pierre releases new single that speaks of selfworth

Alternative Soul singer/ songwriter Stacy Pierre takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions with the release her brand new single titled ‘Motion’. The new single oozes soothing atmospheric soundscapes that blend perfectly with her soothing soulful vocals.

The new drop is merely a teaser to her forthcoming solo EP ‘Origin Unknown’ expected for release July this year. Since the success of her debut self-written and produced EP “Eden” in 2018 to rave reviews, she continues to develop her craft as a musician by experimenting with all genres, through collaborations, like working with British Congolese artist Jordan Mackampa.

In terms of range, Stacey has established a flourishing partnership with multi genre producer Obsidian Cane, producing UK Garage club fillers ‘Body Talk’ and ‘Secret Place’, being met with critical acclaim and got supported by UKG connoisseur DJ EZ on BBC1xtra. ‘Motion’ represents the value we place on other’s perceptions of us and how that value interacts with our self-worth. Listen to the new single below…

Listen Stacey Pierre – Motion

Get Stacey Pierre’s single Motions on the platforms below
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